Top 10 Tallest K-pop Girls 2016

There are so many tall girls of K-Pop who may really grab your attention. They have got graceful aura and slender legs which add charm to their beauty. Here are the best 10 among them whom you can consider so that you can choose to have finest time. The heights of them can really make you feel wow about them. Their looks, talent and height add to their popularity. Here are those 10 most beautiful as well as tallest women who comes under this category. They are the ones who have got so many fans all around the world.

10. SooYoung

Sooyoung can be considered as shortest giant in this list. She is but tallest member of Girl’s Generation. She has got the height of 170 cm and it is really amazing to look at her.

9. Yull

Yull is slightly taller than the previous girl. She has got amazing as well as sexy looks and stunning height. She is part of evol and has got the height of 171 cm. She always try to enhance and highlight her height through the wearing of heels that can make her stand above anyone else who are there with her.

8. Nana

Nana is the beautiful lady from After school. She has got awesome looks and height of 171 cm. She is always into showing off her amazing long legs everywhere she goes. She has got so many fans who are ready to do anything to get a glimpse of this lady.

7. Sungah

Sungah is part of 9Muses. She is first among those three idiots who have the height of 172 cm. She has got a very tall figure and also slender and taller legs. The looks and great and amazing way she exhibit her talent and her beauty is really appealing.

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6. Gaeun

Gaeun is part of Dal Shabet who has got the height of 172 cm. She has got so many talents and has even the ability for walking around as well as flaunting the great physique that she has got. She is something for which you should make use of the same. She ensures to show her awesome body so that you can easily find herself so good and awesome to be with. It is always great to watch her performing.Showing off her best slender figure is second nature to her.

5. Hyuna

She is another idol who has got the height of 172 cm. She is part of Nine muses. She is very much talented and also much popular for having so many giants in the group. Hyuna is not an exception in this. It is always exceptionally good to watch her perform.Hyuna first rose to famous in the Korean girl team Wonder Girls, before she still left in 2007.In 2008, she finalized with Cube Entertainment and also consequently debuted along with 4Minute a year later.

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 4. Hyeji

Hyeji another awesome looking tall girl from the K-pop group. She also has got great physique as well as tall body. She was once runner up for the supermodel contest of the 19th version and that happened due to really good reason. She has got height which is about 173 cm. Her height as well as looks are amazing as well as stunning for her to get the best looks possible. This amazing lady can always surprise you with whatever she offers with.

3. Euaerin

She is another popular giant from the Nine muses. She has got really 173 cm height that can make anybody just stare at her. Her talent and also her beauty are also appealing as well as attractive. She is the second tallest member who are part of their group. Nine Muses obviously have go real giants who look very awesome as well as cool. She also has got that amazing looks to grab anybody’s heart beat.

2. Subin

She is the one who is part of Dal Shabet. Her height is also something that is really amazing. She has a height of 174 cm. The sexiest legs of her is the most appealing feature she has and she flaunts it in the right way to attract anybody. You can follow the way she dresses to find this.

1. Sam

Sam is the tallest among the K pop ladies. She has got a height of 176 cm. She is also the tallest member of the giant group Nine muses. She is popular as gentle giant and her raping skills are always so popular.


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