Top 10 Best 32GB SD/SDHC Cards Reviews 2016

Shopping for a microSD may seem to be a pretty simple thing whether you need one for your camera, your phone or whatever gadget, right? Well, it’s not, there are lots more in them, and it’s surprisingly very easy to wind up with quite a number of traps if you aren’t keen. Sometimes you might find yourself overpaying, or getting a poor performing card or you can get a card that doesn’t work at all. The only way to get a performing card is looking reviews from the best SD/SDHC Cards seller. The list of top ten 32GB SD/SDHC Cards below will help you avoid some of these traps when shopping for an SD card.

10. Sony Class 10 SDHC
The Sony 32 GB Class 10 is one of the most reliable, SD card with excellent speed for gadgets that you can find today. It’s a perfect choice for almost and device that has the ability to record full HD videos or high-resolution photos. It is highly recommended for DSLR Cams and full camcorders with Sony class, and so far it’s considered to be the fastest in Sony models. With Sony 32 GB Sony class 10 SDHC, you don’t have to worry about losing anything because the card features a file rescue downloadable software that can help you recover any data that might have been accidentally deleted or damaged.

9. SanDisk 32 GB Ultra microSDHC card.
This model is aimed at enthusiasts using compact point and shoot cameras and camcorders. It’s one of the most popular 32GB SD cards and you won’t be surprised to find more than 20,000 of positive reviews on Amazon. SanDisk features a transfer rate than can reach to almost 80 Mbs, which simply means that you won’t have any trouble dealing with the HD contents.

8. SanDisk Extreme 32 GB Card.
The SanDisk is an ideal card for professional and enthusiast photographer in need of a mid-level performance and high capacity SD card. It features up to 60 MBs read and an error correction feature that helps to enhance reliability. It’s compatible with all major cameras with SDHC format, but very ideal for advanced cameras, DSLRs as well as HD camcorder.

7. Lexar High performance 32 GB SDHC Memory Card
Lexar is another brand that offers high performing memory cards and USB flash drives. Their High-performance 32GB Class 10 is one of the most reviewed on, It has a capacity large enough to store more than 8 hours of HD footage, so perfect for professional photographers. It features a read speed of around 95 Mb/s and a good write up speed. It's one perfect choice for those on a limited budget.

6. Transcend 32 GB Class 10
The Transcend 32 captures without any limitations, ideal photography enthusiast and videographer with a digital camera and camcorder. This model uses the latest flash technology that helps maximize camera response. It can be a great option for those who make continuous shots or needs extreme speed. It’s suitable for most advanced camera, with the SDHC-labeled host device, but it’s not compatible with standard SD.

5. Samsung SD Evo 32 GB
Samsung SD Evo is a high performing memory card with reads speeds of up to 48 MB/s of transferring music, photos, and videos. It’s a class 10, and UHS -1 enabled to capture HD videos. This unit is ideal for those in need of reliable storage. Samsung models are well built, and usually survive high temperatures, or magnetic interference and any direct water contact. It’s compatible with devices with almost all devices with SDxC slots and microSD slot.

4. Patriot LX Series 32GB
This is the perfect pick for those under limited budget but still in need of a Class 10 model for their advanced camera. It can reach write-up speeds of around 20 Mb/s. It’s a high performing memory card that allows a continuous and fast shooting without compromising on quality. Patriot LX Series is compatible with devices that use DSxC storage as well as SDHC.

3. LG 32GB micro SD
LG are now in the SD segment and are now offering high-quality micro SD that works in almost all electronic devices. This particular model is very fast with write-up rates of 50 Mb/s. Unlike most SD of its kind, LG is reasonably priced, very durable and can survive high temperature and direct exposure to water.

2. Silicon Power 32 GB MicroSDHC
The Silicon Power is another option for professional enthusiast under a limited budget and prefers to use single storage devices in multiple applications. It’s a class 10 card which and has the capacity to take full HD videos with any SDH UHS -1 compatible device such as sports camcorder, speakers, and smart held devices. The transfer rate is good, reaching a read speed and a write up of 85 Mb/s. It’s very durable and comes with a lifetime guarantee performance.

1. Kingston Digital 32GB microSDHC
This class 10 microSD card features a read speed of 45MB/s and 10MB/s write which typically means that it an ideal option for those who shoot still images. The Kingston Digital guarantees a minimum data transfer rate with all the devices that use microSDHC or SDxC. The card is waterproof, vibration proof, and X-ray proof. For an added peace of mind, Kingston offers a lifetime warranty, with a free technical support.


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