Top 10 Best Nikon Lens Which Photographer Should Buy

To judge if a lens is great, it not only should serve it's motive, but should also be user friendly, the lone quality of good optics won't just do the trick. The ultra-teles, mid-teles, f/2.8 macros belonging to the Nikon family have phenomenal optics. This list comprises of the most proficient lenses that are available in the market. These are tremendously used by the people worldwide. The following are Nikon's top 10 best lenses:

10. 80-200 mm with f/4.5n AI

Coming at number ten this lens has one of the most sharpest tele zoom and a very consistent performance in the 105 mm centers and corner and 200 mm center and corner. The Al is regarded as the best in the 80-200 f/4.5 series and can be recognized by its rear mount which has a rectangular plate which is black in color. In its prime this lens was the leader in sports. Such great skills have been put into its production that it hardly required any lubrication and was thermally very stable as it could work in extreme temperatures, the settings being altered with just a small flick.

9. 28-80 mm with G/28-200 mm

These were introduced in the market in 2001 and 2003 and were sold with cameras like N55 and N75. Being plastic-mount lenses these were quite cheap. Both the lenses used aspherical elements for better performance and decreased size and weight. The lenses are quite sharp in the corners as well. These lenses make it to the list as they can match Nikon's best lenses when it comes to sharpness and in comparison are way cheaper, smaller and lighter.

8. 13 mm f/5.6 Al-s
The lens with its ultra wide angle is bulky weighing around 1.4 kg. The 13mm gives a straight image and compared to zooms or other wide lenses have less distortion. Across 20 years, a few hundreds were only made that also on special order and are very hard to come by.

7. 70-180 mm micro f/4.5-5.6D

This has been the only pure zoom Micro lens ever created by Nikon, sadly the market could never figure out its true potential. To shoot macros is hard work as all the time you have to keep focusing in or out to frame objects and follow dynamic subjects like snakes. These lenses are up for that job and are without a doubt irreplaceable.

6. 28 mm with f/1.4D AF

Even though it was scrapped from the market in 2006, this masterpiece took almost ten years to create. It was supposedly discontinued because of its high price, but in reality each penny was worth its talents. The lens is now sold as a collector for double its original price. It easily beats 35mm f/1.4 of today, being wide open even at f/1.4 the lens is spectacularly sharp.

5. 85 mm f/1.4 Al-s

Even though the new AF lenses have been able to surpass their predecessors in optics, but they still have this lens to beat. The lens which is manual focus easily outshines the new design. Nikon continued making them for 10 years, even though the autofocus model had been introduced in the market, such was the skill of this lens. The blur produced is sensational and it is sharper than most of the Nikon lenses. If using a tripod this lens is the best choice.

4. 14-24mm f/2.8 AF-S (Recommended)
This lens is a legend in the case of ultra-wide angle lenses and has taken the bar to another level. This sharper in the corners and has such great performance that the public bought adapters so that they could be used on Canon cameras. Even though they work satisfactorily on Dx cameras, for example the D300, but to bring the best out of it, they should be used on a full -frame FX.

3. 18-55 mm with VR DX II

This lens can be counted as one of the sharpest lenses that Nikon has ever made, the focus is so strong on this one that a macro lens might be needed for this alone. Nikon's low price cameras are provided with this form of a kit lens. They only come with DX and questions you, why anything else is required when we have this in our arsenal.

2. 24mm f/1.4G AF-S

It is without a doubt the best 24 mm lens in the world right now, beating almost all its counterpart in cost and performance. The depth achieved is also superior than a 50mm lens giving sharp photos at night.

1. 50 mm with f/1.8D AF

Even though it is the cheapest lens Nikon has to offer, it is one among the best lenses till date, with negligible distortion and sharp images this lens also focuses instantly. With the smallest size and weighing the least among Nikon's lenses, it is one of the fastest lens ever produced by Nikon.


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