Christina Grimmie Networth

Networth $800,000

About Christina Grimmie

Christina Victoria Grimmie was an American songwriter and a singer until her death on 11th June 2016. She was born on 12th March 1994, and she was indeed one of the best and most famous musicians of the 21st century. Zeldaxlove64 was her YouTube channel name.
She was a singer from Malton, New Jersey, United States. Not only was she talented as a songwriter and a singer but she also featured on several Television Commercials.

Early Life

Christina had loving parents by the name Tina and Albert Grimmie. She had an elder brother by the name Mark, (one year older than her). She grew up in New Jersey and at the age of four she began singing and carried on with singing alone until when she was given her first piano at the age of 10years.
Christina Grimmie was raised in a Christian family and always reminded her fans, whom she referred to as the “Team Grimmie” that she loved Jesus. She attended Cherokee High School and in September she was homeschooled before entering her junior year.

YouTube recognition

At first, Christina was reluctant until her best friend Laura persuaded her to initiate a YouTube cover up. She agreed and on the 17th July 2009, she uploaded a cover up of “Don’t Wanna Be Torn” by Hannah Montana. She did several cover ups until her career took off after posting a cover of Miley Cyrus titles as “Party in the U.S.A” on 12th Aug 2009.
The cover up of Miley Cyrus landed her many views as well as subscribers. She has had over 337 million views, 2.1million subscribers with only 161 videos. This is just amazing, and she ranked 2nd behind Selena Gomez at the top 5 MyYoutube Competition. Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber ranked 3rd, 4th and 5th respectively behind Christina.
Due to her popularity, she was soon discovered by Selena Gomez stepfather, Brian Teefey. He became her manager, and this marked the starting point of her big career.

Christina Grimmie career

Christina performed at the UNICEF charity concert thanks to Brian Teefey. She was able to carry out backup vocals for Selena and the Scene and even toured with them for six weeks. Selena Gomez became her career mentor and always inspired her on her career and road to success.
The two great friends (Selena and Christina) starred in Xbox Kinect commercial together with Selena’s band.
Christina also featured in Doritos Advert alongside Dallas Lovato, Demi Lovato’s sister. Other shows which she has featured include The Ellen Show, So Random, American Music Award of 2011 and Dancing with the Stars.
Christina moved to Los Angeles alongside with her family immediately after signing to Creative Artists Agency in January 2012. On 6th August, she released her second album known as “With Love” which contains 10songs and a bonus track.
At the start of the year 2012, she was given her show on Disney Channel. The 5-minute show known as Power Up with Christina Grimmie was themed on the latest video trends.

Christina Grimmie net worth

It is estimated that Christina Grimmie net worth was $800,000 before her death. However, the details of her annual salary are not yet available. Her primary source of wealth was mainly through singing.

Christina Grimmie “the voice.”

Christina’s natural talent was very impressive. She possessed a light-lyric soprano voice with a vocal range of three note and three octaves. While on “The Voice” a reality Television Show, she received positive proclamations.
Usher would refer to her as “a baby Celine Dion” while Graham Nash commented that her voice was simply amazing and the best in comparison to her age (20years), while Shakira deemed her that she was simply “out of this world.”

Popular songs

Here are among of Christina’s top ten popular songs. Find Me, Tell My Mama, I Bet You Don’t Curse God, With Love, Liar Liar, Can’t Help Falling In Love, Advice, Think of You, In Christ Alone, Shrug, and Just a Dream.


The beautiful rising star singer was shot by a 27-year old man identified as Kevin James Loibl. The incident happened during autographs signing and doing a meet and greet after her performance at the Plaza Live in Orlando.
James Loibl fatally shot himself after he was tackled by the singer’s brother. According to police reports, Loibl did not have an arrest record in his home county, and he neither did not appear to know Christina in person. The motives behind the murder are unknown, but it is likely to be ruled as a murder-suicide case.


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