The Voice's Singer Christina Grimmie Death

The world is morning the demise of an exceptional heroin. She was viewed universally on YouTube singing Demi Lovato's and Justin Bieber's song covers. The impact she had on a number of social media outlets made her a reputable YouTube sensation. The sixth season of The Voice in 2014 was one of her super competition at a tender age. The star had a rare talent because Christina Grimmie was able to play the piano when she was ten years old and as early as five years, she started her singing exploits. Baptist High School located in New Jersey is the lucky institution that molded your celebrity. Furthermore, Find Me EP was rated as #2 on iTunes while the pioneer With Love album was at #3 on iTunes. Voorhees is her place of birth in New Jersey but relocated to Los Angeles in California. Her father is Albert while her mother's name is Tina. She had a loving brother called Mark. 12th March, 1994 is her birthday which happened in Marlton, New Jersey.
As Christina Grimmie signed autographs for her lovely fans, the ugly incident happened. She had just finished a concert at a Florida venue when a gunman opened fire targeting the singer. The Voice lost an integral part of them as she later lost her life. The killer shot himself and also died in the process. Official reports were confirmed by Heather Walsh who has been her publicist through email. Email content stated that there is confirmation of the sad reality about Christina Grimmie going to meet her creator. The shocking news was also echoed on the official twitter account of Orlando Police Department.

She is among the greatest talents to have emerged from New Jersey. 2014 saw her incredible rise after finishing third in The Voice NBC's sixth season. She was on the Adam Levine's Maroon 5 star team. Most renditions she had when singing hit melodies made her firmly grip online viewers. This began when she was merely a teenager. The exemplary YouTube videos has received millions of views from her huge following.

Police news release indicate that Christina Grimmie had performed with the great Before You Exit band before the incident. The venue was in Orlando at The Plaza Live. The performance by the 22-year old came to an end at around 10pm. She chose to sign fans' autographs at one merchandise table and in the process she was shot. This transpired Friday night.

The gunman was immediately tackled by her loving brother. The killer shot himself and died during the struggle according to the provided police report. The authorities are yet to identify the motive behind the attack as well as the identity of the attacker is still anonymous. More detailed investigations are being carried out to find answers to the many questions asked by her family, friends, fans and critiques alike. The police thanked her brother for preventing the attacker from hurting other people.

The attendance at the event was around 60 to 100 people according to Sgt. Wanda Miglio who gave these details after the shooting. The sentiments were made during a convened news conference to brief the public. However, a few of those in attendance were present during the shooting because most of the fans had the venue. Additionally, Miglio was surprised at the security dynamics that led to the shooter accessing the premises with two guns. She also raised concern about the off-duty officers. It was a casual event.

Your famous singer had posted a video shortly before the concert kicked off. The video encouraged her fans to attend the event to enjoy the top notch performance.
There was an instagram photo post by Levine that showed Grimmie with him before the confirmation of her passing on. He commented that he was sad, confused as well as shocked. He expressed the love the world has for the music icon. He stared clearly that the occurrence was not fair and assured her of prayers for quick recovery.
The trending hashtag on twitter when Grimmie's death report first surfaced was #PrayforChristina. The death confirmation changed the trending hashtag to #RIPChristina. Her angry fans used all social media outlets to express their deep shock and outpouring of grief was very evident.
"There are no words. We lost a beautiful soul with an amazing voice." This is the message on The Voice's official twitter page. This was how they paid tribute to the fallen Grimmie.
She joined Selena Gomez in 2012 on a tour that focused on developing her singing career. She had to move to Los Angeles according to the 2014 Philadelphia Inquirer report. This is the time her brother expressed his admiration of her rare combination of hard work and talent. She is a music icon that will be missed dearly.


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