Top 10 Most Beautiful Lao Women of 2016

Laos is a country with a lot of beautiful women. The Laos women have features that are more similar to Thai women as compared to Vietnamese women. This makes Lao girls be confused with Thai Girls. Laos’ people are proud to have some of the most beautiful women in Asia. The Asian women have outstanding characteristics that make them stunningly beautiful, Laos country, which is a neighbor to Vietnam and Thailand has not been left behind. It boasts extremely beautiful women who are also talented and good at what they do. This post is a compilation of the top ten most beautiful women in Thai and their brief bibliography. They include models, singers, actresses and also TV personalities. The most beautiful Laos women include the following:

10. Aluna Thavonsouk

This beautiful Laos girl was born on a 22nd of June in Laos. She is a talented singer who has released hit tracks that have been widely loved by Laos’s people. She has stunning features which have earned her a place on the list of top ten most beautiful women in Laos Country. She has released a hit album by the name Aluna which has contributed greatly to her popularity.
Ranks : 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1


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