Top 10 Most Beautiful Volleyball Players in Asia

If you think that Beautiful Women can only become famous actresses and singers, well, my dear friend, you are absolutely wrong! If you think the sports and games are only for men, then think twice! There are way too many beautiful and cute girls out there whose main profession is not acting, but playing games which we generally think that only men can play and sometimes, they even play way better than their male competitors. As the days are passing, the gap between professional players and attractive and beautiful women are decreasing and since playing games requires lots of exercise and hard work, it gives the body a toned and bright look and because of this, the female players have a more fit and attractive look than most of the famous actresses. In this article, we have listed down the Top 10 Most Beautiful Asian Volleyball Players. Want to know who they are, then continue reading!

10) Risa Shinnabe

Born in Japan she plays for the Hisamitsu Springs and for All Japan Women's Volleyball Team. She was born on 11th of July 1990 and is 26 years old. She is indeed much taller than most of the men and is about 5 ft and 8 inch tall. She has won many awards and has played in various clubs. She has even played for the National Team and has won many awards.
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