Top 10 Highest Paid Thai Actors 2016

Thailand is blessed with numerous actors who possess talented unequaled in any part of the globe. So talented are these actors that some begin their journey of fame and the lifelong career of acting when they are as young as five years old. What is more, not only are these stars talented in acting, but they also are remarkable singers and models. Here’s a list of ten of some of the best paid actors in Thailand:

10. Chantavit Dhanasevi

Chantavit is a renowned Thai actor, both for his acting skills and his looks. In fact, Chantavit is also a model in addition to being an actor. He is also a screen writer. His big breakthrough came in 2010, when he starred in the Hello Stranger Film. His next big role was in the movie, ATM Er Rak Error film in 2012. He is a very talented actor by all standards, and has scooped numerous awards to show for it. At 32, he is undoubtedly one of Thai’s best actors. Although debates linger about his net worth, no one harbors any doubts on the fact that he is one of the best paid Thai actors.
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