In the Name of Laws: Top 10 Strictest Countries of 2016

Law enforcement strategies vary from country to country. While some countries are very liberal, some are not. They are very serious when it comes to their laws and implementation. You may be living in a country where wearing skimpiest of clothes is a trend, while in another country it may be seen as a criminal offense to put you behind the bars. And are these laws for the betterment of people or to create tyranny? So, here are the top 10 strictest countries of 2016, and all you need to know about their laws.

10. Cuba

Cuba is famous for cigars and also as a holiday destination. Cuba is a communist country and speaking about against the country will land you in some serious trouble. Government strictly monitors Internet and all those writers who publicize sensitive articles against government are jailed. It is an amazing destination for a holiday and Cuban know how to party and booze. But Reggae ton, is prohibited.

9. Equatorial Guinea

In this country, people are firmly shunned from learning how to read and write. Tourism is controlled and foreigners are usually not allowed inside the country. And those foreigners who are allowed to enter Equatorial Guinea, they are strictly monitored and prohibited from clicking photographs or filming anything that shows the poverty.

8. Malaysia

Malaysia shares a lot similar with its neighbor- Singapore. Government controls the media, here as well. Some of their strictest rules include drug use. Any amount of drugs, even an ounce of heroin can end you up with a death sentence.

7. Japan

In Japan, hierarchy of authority is important in all the structures- right from the household to the workplaces. This is how the government works and it is believed that it must be influenced by the feudal system that once prevailed in the country. It is very important and crucial for everyone to respect the one who is in a post higher than him. They also have a lot of pressure to excel in their designation, be it a CEO or a regular staff. Also, discussions of Hiroshima or Nagasaki is strictly prohibited.

6. China

China is well known for its booming economy. China is still a communist country. Anti-government conspiracies are tracked and the culprits are totally silenced. The media and the Internet are controlled. And it is still a crime to inspire the Chinese youth of western thoughts and practices.

5. Saudi Arabia

This country stays deeply rooted to the laws because it governs their tradition and religion. Alcohol is considered illegal, so you can consider how tough they will be, regarding the drug use and its abuse. Punishments like harsh jail sentences and public whipping are given. Murderers and rapists are publicly beheaded.

4. Syria

The newspapers are flooded with news and articles discussing and showcasing the current plight of Syria. As a country that has been in a chaos and war since a very long time, there is no corner left for people to hide. As a result of this, the government denied to access to technology and social media. When foreign journalists or media are not allowed to enter the country, then the other part of the world is not able to get a realistic view of the reality and the plight of the people living there. This law forces the people to get stuck inside their country. If someone tries to speak bad about the Syrian Government, then he will either end up tortured or killed.

3. Iran

Have you heard about Sharia Law? It is a law that Muslims must strictly follow in order to prevent the consequences. It is a composition of strict and stringent laws that dictate men and women of Iran, how they should live their lives.

2. Singapore

Singapore is a small country, but the government’s strict law implementation is quite famous. Have you ever heard of a place, where chewing gum is illegal? Littering, Smoking, spitting on the sidewalks and wearing a wrong dress in public will cost you fine and jail. If these are the government’s laws towards minor crimes, you might have an idea how worse it must be for the bigger ones. It is believed that these stringent laws made Singapore, a country with high standards of living.

1. North Korea

This country is the only country, which is purely communist till date. Foreigners can travel to North Korea unless they belong to United States or South Korea. They are assigned with escorts by the government called ''minders''. The purpose of these escorts is to monitor the tourists during their stay and ensure that they don’t break any rules. The government controls everything here. For the citizens, the laws are even tighter. They are not supposed to have any illegal or sexual relationships without marriage. There are police called Dating Police, which makes sure such relationship doesn’t occur. They also have a strict fashion code.


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