Top 10 Most Popular Kpop Boy Groups You Should Know

Your next tour is arriving and you do not need to perform hard activity but simply need to spend the time listen to popular kpop songs. You need to purchase some DVD and CD about kpop songs. You do not aware many popular and good kpop boy groups get to know about it.

10. DBSK

DBSK is also called as TVXQ formed in 2003, an attractive and adorable kpop group of Korea due to its talented and handsome group member. This boy group is popular for dance and hard and also for romantic song. When viewing their performance, it can blow the heart away because of the miserable voice and flexible dance in the song.

9. B.A.P

This group is made of six attractive and handsome men formed in 2011 which arrive along with a talented and good voice. The members have parted a role in the muscle and image direction, the commentators have also seen the distinction between the bad, tough boy image and other groups.

8. BTS

This group is also called as bangtan boys formed in 2013, most popular and singers group with total of six men collectively. They are famous to be so cool and good performer that creates them an international fan base. Further, this group had done a major role making the music.

7. Infinite

Infinite is another well known band 2010 formed in and popular kpop boy group and its fan is seen in all around the world. The DVD and CD is best selling and each piece of song has been marketed to the audiences. The tickets of this group out of sell after selling for ten minutes.

6. B2ST

It is one of the most popular groups formed in 2009 south Korea. It is made by good and beautiful six boys sings and which they are hyunseung, yoon doo joon, yoseob, dongwoon and kikwang. This kpop boy group is popular to be a so flexible and smart dancer, contain several style of dance and can also dance wonderful. You can see this handsome and talent men collectively in the B2ST concert.

5. 2PM

This kpop boy group is a finest and well known group and that they possess large number of fan both in and out of the Korea country.2PM is popular to be good at singing. The voice is very strong and deep which create the song originally in the condition they explain in the song. Along with these containing good voice, each individual in the 2PM group sing nicely that create the fans really in to the song. Visit to the concert and listen if you like to relax while you are thinking down.This band formed in 2010.

4. Big bang

Get a best weekend and relax with the big bang kpop boy group by listen to the song or visiting to the beautiful concert at night time. It is a Korean group that is made by five talented and handsome men and they are T.O.P, G-Dragon, daesung, taeyang and seungri. Further with the group is which it is popular to be good dancer and singers also. They participate in several concerts hence far in Korean and also in other country. All over the world is now waiting to see their concert.This band formed in 2006.

3. EXO

Visit to the memorable concert of all time with the special people to enjoy the time with this Korean kpop boy group. They have been famous as a group that is actually well known among people particularly young due to the reason T group do well in the dance and song also. Further, this group release large number of song and it is often be the good selling song in the market.This group formed in 2011.

2. Super junior

It is another popular group that react the audiences all over the world. This super junior has twelve handsome and attractive men who come along with beautiful and sweet sound. They create a work to entertain people by their dance and voice. They started to train in other areas like hosting and acting.This group formed in 2005.

1. SHINee

It is the most famous kpop boy group which has five beautiful boys in the group. The professional singers are key, onew, minho, jonghyun and taemin, create the group actually popular and became the favorite singers among many people in Korea and also all over the world. They possess a good and complex dance which makes them lively on the show.This group formed in 2008.


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