Top 10 Famous Chocolate Brands You Should Know

For chocolate lovers, nothing else compares to the smooth sweetness of superb chocolate melting in the mouth. People search around the world for the best quality chocolate gifts for loved ones and to indulge their own desires.

Famous chocolate brands have garnered a reputation for their fine quality and presentation. With so many delicious choices, it may not be easy to decide who makes the world’s best chocolate, but here is a list of ten top chocolate brands you should know about.

Sample each of these and you’ll be closer to choosing the world’s best chocolate company.

10. Soma Chocolate, Toronto, Ontario

Soma is a craft chocolatier with two stores in Toronto. They have an impressive online selection of beautifully displayed gift chocolates, all hand crafted, and displayed in an attractive and tempting manner. Chocolate bars, cookies, chocolate drinks, toffee, truffles and much more are available to order. Look for the unique boxed Birch Branch as a special treat for someone who have everything, and for the love of your life, the limited edition sumptuous Tiffin Box will leave a lasting impression, or dive into the pretty Meltaway Box in Damask Rose and Pomegranate Molasses. Make a simple statement with the Raspberry Dacquoise Heart and you will win her hand.
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