Top 10 Most Popular Victoria’s Secret Fragrances 2017 Reviews

Nothing compares to that great feeling when spritzing on your favorite scent to instantly up your mood and make you feel confidently sexy. Of course, if there is a top authority when it comes to smelling sexy, it has to be Victoria’s Secret. Here’s a countdown of the top 10 victoria secret scents in 2017 based on raves and selling power:

10. Sexy Little Things Noir Tease
You cannot go wrong with this cute victoria secret perfume. Noir Tease has a sweet, light scent that smells both subtle and daring. As its name suggests, this fragrance has that inviting tang to it that can definitely capture the attention of anyone. Some even claim to have muddled thoughts after smelling Tease. Bonus point: it lasts all day so no need to spritz often.


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