Strong Rolex Replica Watches brand new sea sailing for GWN-1000B Fake Rolex Series

2014 Rolex Replica Watches first published Gulfmaster series, designed for research and development who love sailing. In “Ocean” for the development of the concept, GWN-1000 series is equipped with the third generation of sensors that can more quickly and accurately measure direction, barometric pressure / temperature and altitude information. Atmospheric pressure sensors can help predict the weather changes, you can successfully identify the location of the compass orientation, tidal tide chart can display the current state of age, persons engaged in favor of sailing the ocean movement.

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Can predict storm sailing replica watches GWN-1000B
GWN-1000B through pointers with digital LCD display real-time pressure now, where the second hand with a bezel +10 and -10 values ​​expressed pressure difference, when there is enormous pressure to rise or fall, is located within the 10 o’clock dial pointer With alarm prompt. In addition to the pointer display, the table below also with digital LCD display, allowing the wearer to more easily grasp the changes in the weather and to take countermeasures. The compass display is through the second hand points to the north, and with the LCD below shows the azimuth, in the vast expanse of the ocean, can determine the correct azimuth compass and forward orientation. In addition, the location of the tide watches built with state-month-old, allow the wearer to predict local walrus, as the basis for judging at anchor.
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Rolex GWN-1000 azure ocean winds bezel 6 Bureau of radio appearance with solar energy, 200 meters waterproof function. Meanwhile, a cold environment is likely to encounter against sailing, Rolex Replica design gives the series cold, watches can work in an environment of minus ten degrees. The continuation of the overall context fake rolex watch inherent style, with large dial design, fully demonstrated robust sense! In order to facilitate a variety of information to read, especially red, yellow color dotted pointer and dial, each with two independent LED lighting illuminates the dial pointer and digital LCD parts. There are four models of the full range of options.

Big fire enamel Tourbillon Dragon Swiss Replica Watches

2014 Top Replica Watches Big fire enamel Tourbillon Dragon For Sale Online Store.

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Bovet - Micro Painting

Since its establishment in 1822, the company is always Bovet luxury watch manufacturing industry leader. Bovet watch craftsmen who are committed to protecting the table carved and painted, and other traditional arts heritage and widely praised by the industry.

Thanks to this door long history of professional skills and Bovet creators of creative talent, Bovet this year introduced four new tables. The four new tables using advanced hand-tailored by DIMIER watch factory development, production tourbillon movement, which Amadeo case is one of the highlights of these new watches. After configuring the case, each table can become multi-purpose watch, small table clock or swiss replica watches, and without the use of any tools.

Large fire enamel is one of the oldest methods of tabulation decorated with a pattern. This skill is used in the nineteenth century decorative Bovet watch brand, it is still widely favored by watch collectors. Mother of pearl painted with very different watchmakers not be directly painted decorative pattern on the dial base, but to make different oxide deposited on a gold dial. In continuous firing process, followed by melting the oxides, thereby forming the color and transparency of the dial. Therefore, heat-treated (8-15 times, depending on the specific number of decorative pattern complexity and number of colors), the decorative patterns gradually revealed. Furnace temperature between 800 and 900 ° C. Watchmakers decided based on the expected duration of each firing effect.

This is probably the toughest, most complex tabulation methods. However, because of the hardness of the enamel has, in order to ensure the robustness of the dial.

Dial durability of up to several hundred years, the dial color bright as ever, without fading.

Painted dragon pattern Tourbillon watch is a hand-assembled, with two-sided case, power reserve of up to seven days. Dragon Draw takes about 100 hours. This perfectly preserved along the door watchmaking craftsmanship since 1822 Bovet table created, the traditional skills live forever.

Fleurier Amadeo “big fire enamel dragonTourbillon Fake Rolex watches Technical Specifications

Limit: one global


Model:. AMADEO multi-use (watch, small table clock, watch)

Diameter: 44 mm

Material: 18K White Gold

Waterproof: 3 atm - 30 m

Strap: alligator full leather

Clasp: 18K white gold pin buckle

Bracelet: 18K White Gold

Dial: black enamel platinum scale

“Big fire enamel dragon


Code: 13BM07AI

Model: Manual of Tourbillon

Diameter: 13” ‘

Frequency: 21,600 times per hour swing

Power reserve: 7 days

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Swiss luxury watch brand: Rolex Replica Watches to Chrono Hawk Series Adds one. The new ambassador has a strong, high-tech timing functions and rose gold case. Rose gold case and rubber reinforcement of ceramic components.

Angular, carved flu case, these qualities have Hawk series for the sport and the modern series has earned a reputation. The new Chrono Hawk series rose gold chronograph watch is designed entirely inherited this series of classic style and mash precious metals, high-tech ceramics and rubber. Luxury and innovation coexist case like a work of art, in the thick black silhouetted against golden exudes a warm glow. The new combination of rubber and alligator strap also embodies this spirit.

Case of 62 different parts, need high technology to complete. Brushed polished rose gold frame with large size 44mm, and as a basis for carrying the other components of ceramic and rubber materials. Ceramic has a Vickers hardness of 1400 extremely wear-resistant ceramic, with a diameter of 0.2 micron micron crystals, hydroforming. Ceramic material used to play the role of the bezel scratch, but also for the chronograph buttons, buttons for the bridge and crown.

Inspired Chrono Hawk series rose gold chronograph dial layout from ROLEX Tourbillon famous deck. Full three-dimensional honeycomb pattern on the dial. Pencil-shaped hour and minute hands indicate, the scale has a luminous paint for easy reading at night. Small seconds at 3 o’clock position, and chronograph seconds hand is located in the center of the dial. 3 minutes counter at 9 o’clock position, small calendar at 6 o’clock position.

Chrono Hawk series rose gold chronograph equipped with Fake Rolex GP03300 self-produced self-winding movement, with 431 parts. Tuo can glance arrow and fine grinding of the movement through a sapphire crystal glass case. Has carved sapphire crystal glass decorated by the screws. Waterproof 100 meters, folding clasp.

Chrono Hawk Series Chronograph Rose Gold

Technical Parameters

Case: Rose Gold and Ceramic

Diameter: 44mm

Bezel: Ceramic

Dial: black

Dial: Black

Sapphire Crystal: Anti-glare

Back: sapphire crystal, the six screws

Waterproof: 100 meters

Replica Watches GP03300-0076 Movement

Mechanical, self-winding movement

Diameter: 29.30mm (13 lignes)

Vibration frequency: 28,800

Power reserve: minimum 46 hours

Jewels: 61

Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, chronograph, date

Tech rubber base coat black alligator

Folding clasp

Model :49970-34-633-BB6B

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The focus of attention Swiss IWC Replica Watches Saint Ai Bai repair in the fourth generation of special edition watches Tasting

Today to give it to introduce a wrist watch is the IWC Replica Watches to the famous French aviator and poet Saint-Exupery tribute to the launch of the fourth generation watch. Earlier in 2006, 2007, 2008 all nations launched a commemorative wristwatch Saint-Exupery, this is a watch IWC launched in 2009 to commemorate the fourth generation models Saint-Exupery watch. This is a watch official model: IW500421.
Saint-Exupery adventurous life and freedom, is the use of aircraft to deliver mail to the mountains and deserts of pioneers. During World War II, the Nazi occupation of France, he went to the United States. In 1944 he went missing during a mission to become the most mysterious history of French literature a legend. 2003, part of his Lightning plane wreckage near the Mediterranean in Marseille was salvaged.

Big Pilot watch inherited the usual large dial design Replica Watches which uses a 46 mm diameter oversized table design, since pilots watch highlight features. And watch with a power reserve of seven days long design ensures motivated.
Swiss Replica Watches with 18K rose gold is, and crown and lugs are made ​​of 18K rose gold, screw-in onion-shaped crown design and on the crown engraved with ” IWC “logo.

Watch equipped for a rivet calfskin strap, white silk sewn, cowboy style is obvious.

It should be noted that a watch limited edition 500. The fourth generation of Saint-Exupery Special Edition Issue 1900, representing Saint-Exupery’s year of birth. Stainless steel material 1149, 500 rose gold, platinum 250, the other platinum models for auction.

Watch with tobacco brown dial design, watch the 9 o’clock position there is an uppercase letter A, the first letter A represents Antoine, not only point out the theme of the entire section of the table, is the best identification.
Watch with a large white Arabic numerals design, and white luminous hands, a large calendar window and with stop valve performance central seconds hand, screw-onion-shaped crown, double-sided anti-reflective sapphire glass designs.

Luxury watch with 18K rose gold folding clasp and buckle engraved with the table “IWC” logo, coupled with rose gold clasp brown leather strap, complement each other, the more one kind of uninhibited indulgence chic temperament.

Watch equipped with homemade IWC51111 type movement , this movement with the 7th kinetic energy storage, Buhler Dayton automatic winding device, Breguet balance spring and fine-tune the balance wheel, bottom of the table engraved with a military pilot Saint-Exupery shape portrait.

The fourth generation of Saint-Exupery special edition watch design concept to Saint-Exupery is not a single book is based, but praised his work complete works. At present, the public price of a watch which is 215,000 yuan, like friends can not miss oh. (Map / Chen Yun Man watches home)

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Color circle charm tasting Rolex Oyster Perpetual Replica Watches Greenwich type II, Designer Swiss Fake Rolex Watches

2014 Rolex Replica Watches BASELWORLD (Basel International Jewellery bell tables show, referred to as “Pakistan Exhibition”) has successfully ended, the feast of this watch industry for many watch fans are feast for the eyes, the major brand new watch list goes on, already allow visitors dizzying, dazzling, often can not be done overnight to enjoy fine, but need to savor. Here, watch it with your home Learn more about Rolex classic watches, Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT watch will give you food for thought type II, intuitive editing images and text show the most comprehensive watch details. Official Model: 116719BLRO

Rolex July 2, 1908 officially registered ( Rolex ) trademark, the first Rolex watches because of its superb technical quality and immediate attention. Today, Rolex is still sought after by many people, though not the most expensive Rolex watch brand , nor is the oldest watchmaker, but in terms of material factors, design, practicality or other prices, compared Rolex is definitely the leading brand, to meet the needs of different sectors and enthusiasts.

The new red and blue color Cerachrom words ring Rolex a major achievement in technology and aesthetics. Developed patented by Fake Rolex words ring production process, with a ring made of a single piece of word of two colors. The design echoes the traditional color of the outer ring and the first Greenwich Greenwich type and type II watch.

Rolex Cerachrom words ring came in 2005, with a strong scratch damage, corrosion resistance, even if not fade by ultraviolet radiation. Its surface is polished diamonds, distribute long-lasting luster, blue and red with a more refreshing.

Greenwich type II 40mm Oyster case water depth of 100 meters (330 feet), is a rugged and elegant, perfectly proportioned model. Unique solid 18 ct white gold case , by Rolex own foundry casting doubt its quality.

Black dial appears stable and the atmosphere, 18 ct white gold luminous hour markers legible Chromalight (persistent luminescence), the pointer is also 18 ct white gold Chromalight luminous hands, so you always can feel Rolex companionship. Big Crown Rolex still displayed below the twelve positions.

Rolex patented winding crown using three padlocks triple waterproofing system, securely fastened to the case, and by the middle of the case even as one of the crown shoulder protection.

Scratch-resisting mirror blue crystal manufacturing, equipped with a small window at 3 o’clock lens, this “bubble” can be enlarged 2.5 times the calendar, the calendar not only more legible, it gradually evolved into a non-or Oyster watch lack of aesthetic elements.

18 ct white gold replica watches with a solid link Oyster bracelet, which Oyster insurance deduction prevents accidental opening buckle. Also installed on the buckle cleverly designed Rolex patented easy to tune links stretch system so that the strap can be easily extended to about 5 mm, are more comfortable to wear in all circumstances.

Greenwich type II with fully developed by Rolex 3186 automatic winding mechanical movement with dual time function and date display. Balanced swing component is the heart of watch parts, with the Rolex patented blue gossamer Parachrom unique alloy of zirconium, niobium, than without magnetic interference, even in the face temperature remains extremely stable, even more than traditional seismic force springs 10 times higher.

careful observation, every detail reflects the intentions of Rolex and refined, from all angles so that the wrist watch and fit and will never feel fall hand. Presumably Rolex strict quality requirements and innovation, has already impressed many table fans, Replica Rolex watches are not only practical but also aesthetic design lines, like that in our hearts forever, like the big crown, has supremacy. Official Model: 116719BLRO; reference price: 36,500 CHF

Hundred Years Cartier Replica Watches For Sale, Top Fake Cartier Watches Men Will Need

Hundred years, Cartier Replica Watches for its extraordinary craftsmanship and unique world-renowned art and design, founded at the beginning, the brand is king helmet and royal family court services, Cartier’s work is not only reflected the times the atmosphere is also integrated into the essence of culture and arts. Maybe some of the things in life or landscape, we do not observe carefully, however, Cartier talented designers but discerning, their creativity everywhere, they are good miraculous, ordinary into stunning, with a unique way to interpret the classic masterpiece.

Noble peacock

Peacock is regarded as “the king of birds”, whether in the East or the West are very ancient symbol of noble. In the legend of the Orient, the peacock is long after the birds get gas intersected Phoenix sterile born to the same mother and Mirs born, is called the Big Buddha Buddha Ming Wang. In Western mythology, the peacock is the holy days Hao pull birds, because in Roman mythology, Hera is called Juno, so the peacock is also known as “Juno’s Bird” (Bird of Juno). Cartier Replica Watches peacock inspired design, the watch unique design.

Les Indomptables de Cartier Series . This is一枚animal shaped wrist watch , watch landscape design is also a brooch …… Cartier pour all its virtuosity, was able to give a watch three phases, for those who love the table, so handicrafts worth collecting.

Replica Cartier HPI00611 decorative peacock brooch watch with mother of pearl, 18K white K gold with enamel dial Engraving and usher in a gorgeous peacock, birds eye inlaid a pink sapphire, is auspicious, kind, beautiful, luxurious symbol. Peacocks are beautiful, gentle and shy peacock and only if there is no opening screen, but also his best beauty, rhodium-plated 18K white K gold peacock decoration, inlaid 211 round brilliant-cut diamond, showing the ornate beauty. It can be turned into a set with brilliant-cut diamond brooch, rubies and nephrite to create beautiful flowers quietly accompany it.

Flowers as decorations, its shape and layering are the designer’s pen shine, 18K white K gold enamel floral carvings, charming rather than sexy, with green leaves, emerald green dripping. Most decorative watches occupies two thirds of the center-right space, while the upper left is the hour and minute hands of a place, sword-shaped rhodium-plated steel pointer coordinated with the overall tone. This table is not just count tool, it is a beautiful ornamental products, has a special ornamental value.

Elegant Garden

Les Indomptables de Cartier watch frog brooch decorated, there is a feeling of entering the Suzhou gardens, rain and cool breeze blowing head, filled with the faint fragrance of the lotus, creating a mood of exposure to nature. Enamel dial with micro-braised, clear water, green lotus leaves, lotus blossom, playful fish, and even ripple the ripples in the water are clearly visible, 18K rose K gold droplets decorated with sapphires and brilliant-cut round diamond, visible Cartier watchmakers and designers imaginative design and exquisite carving skills.

Cartier very skilfully enamel colors, transparent moonstone, K gold, sapphire and emerald ingenious become a sky garden, the garden or a lotus in full bloom exquisite brooch. Let us focus on the vision of this small animals, 18K rose K gold frog decoration, inlaid 67 round brilliant-cut diamond, three moonstone, frog eyes inlaid two emeralds, its contours and shape vivid, every detail decorative felt very appropriate.

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Omega Opteron series of high-tech ceramic Replica Watches dual time zone Touch

Omega Speedmaster Replica Watches Broad Arrow Working Chronograph with White Dial For Men

Whether it is technology, innovation, high-tech material is excellent design, Omega Replica Watches never be able to bring you an unexpected surprise. 2014 The protagonist of omega’s not only able to meet all of your expectations, but will exceed your mind for high-tech ceramic watch definition.

2014 Replica Omega high-tech ceramic touch technology debut; 2014, the highly anticipated Omgea HyperChrome Opteron series again using this high-tech, male models to create a new masterpiece.

omega always has an excellent design, and a new addition to its stunning Replica Watches shape , but also with dazzling features. The launch of the five omega watches complex features touch technology first members epitomizes omega perfect fusion of technology and materials.

New Omega Opteron series of high-tech ceramic watch with dual time zone Touch brand famous single case construction, design and elegant simplicity, perfectly demonstrates omega’s breakthrough technology. It is worth mentioning that this complex features simple operation, without the crown.

Touch dual time zone watch: macho touch function

Which watch two main dial pointer display time area, a small dial at 6 o’clock displays a second time zone.

When the time zones through the main case at the top of the touch device settings. After activation watch, fingers sliding along the left side of the case to set the hour, sliding along the right side of the case to set the minutes. Set the time when the main time zone, minute two time zones synchronized rotation, ensuring accurate time.

Small dial time through the bottom of the haptic device case setting. After activation watch, fingers sliding along the left side of the case to set the hour, sliding along the right side of the case to set a 15-minute interval. 15 minutes is the minimum time lag between world time zones. The watch is equipped with a quartz movement, so quick and easy to set the time difference. Excellent technology make this watch to achieve a high degree of mechanical watches can not be achieved: a quarter of an hour forward or backward adjustment time, ready to shuttle among time zones.

When you reach the second time zone, second time zone you want to convert to the main dial? It’s very simple! Meanwhile touch of high-tech ceramic case 3 and 9 o’clock, the time to complete the interchange between the dial, contemplation time flies.

For men who love to travel, this watch may well be the ideal choice. Lightweight, easy to wear and hypoallergenic make this watch suitable for any type appear in your travel plans. Quintana high-tech ceramic watch, you do not even have to take off during security checks.

The new high-tech ceramic dual time zone watch Touch of five models: matte black embellished rose gold watch with leather strap and details; polished black ceramic bracelet watch is seamless; white watches also add dazzling eye-catching fashion sum; bright gray watches rose gold embellishment details, groundbreaking matte gray watches are embellished rhodium color detail, five distinctive watch, there is always a trip with your dress perfect match.
Opteron series of high-tech ceramic watch dual time zone Touch: with your peers, complement each other.

OMGEA Opteron series of high-tech ceramic watch dual time zone Touch


All models

Movement ETA F11.001, quartz movement, 10 stone, 4-pin, no crown, tactile device regulation time, Coordinated Universal Time, No calendar display

The traditional classic IWC Replica Watches review, You will like it – Fake IWC

Military design elements IWC Replica GUN Miramar Naval Air Forces watches a source of inspiration series, IWC watch professional pilots watch, the new 2014 TOP GUN Naval Air Forces watch the entire series focus. The latest series of Miramar equally occupy an important position in the Top Gun Naval Air Forces elite pay tribute to the birthplace of California. Today, we bring a watch this official number: IW501902.

Big Pilot Watch TOP GUN Naval Air Force distinctive contour of the 1940s and the 21st century instrument design the perfect combination of modern watchmaking technology. And first launched  Fake IWC matte gray, beige and green three colors watches.

Miramar watch series derived from IWC Replica Watches traditional sophisticated design elements, such as a separate ring and outer minute ring within hours. The shiny metallic gray ceramic case , beige pointer and minute circle, and green fabric strap design inspired by military style.

Watch equipped to create different materials made ​​of components, including ceramic dial and case to build, while the crown is made ​​of titanium metal to build, and can be unique IWC logo on the huge titanium crown.

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Luxury Breitling Replica Master Ultra-thin Watches Power Reserve, Top Fake Breitling

Master Ultra Thin Reserve de Marche slim power reserve Masters Series watch not only combines the legendary reliability and minimalist appearance, more exquisite fusion of unparalleled technology, called a veritable Replica Watches watchmaking masterpiece.

Who want to have an accurate and correct watch connoisseurs of art is concerned, it will certainly live up to your expectations.

Simple lines, perfectly balanced dial, breitling watches feature iconic complex, so this watch bloom charm. Two classical complex functions – power reserve and Analog date display Fake Breitling, elegantly together. Through the sapphire crystal case back, Jaeger-LeCoultre 938 automatic winding movement run clear.

ID: 1372520

Case: 18K Rose Gold

Strap / bracelet: alligator

Technical Specifications

Breitling Replica Watches Calibre

938 type


Automatic chain

Parts No.: 273

Hourly vibration frequency: 28800 times

Power reserve: 43 hours

Number of jewels: 41

Clockwork: 1

Thickness: 4.90 mm


Hours, minutes


Power reserve



18K Rose Gold

Water depth: 5 bar


Eggshell yellow, gold hour markers


Toffee shape

Strap / bracelet



Buckle 18.0 mm

Boutique Breitling Replica Watches Sale, Cheap Fake Breitling Watches Online.

Replica Breitling Windrider Collection Chronomat 462 Watches For Cheap Sale

I am 22 years old, a college student about to graduate . I kind of mechanical things very early age showed a very keen interest in cars is what I have been most interested in, just like with the fans ( there is a common hobby of wood ) . Ahem , come back to the table , but also by chance, mother adults just go to Europe in March this year to play some good , then I’ll consider it would soon graduate into the community , so reluctantly purchased sprinkle blood in Europe Breitling Replica Watches piece of black-faced eight -pin phase , what was the specific model ?

Seems L2.673.4.51.7, this model is probably right . To purchase a lot cheaper than domestic . I was originally going to bring back a piece of adult mothers flour eight -pin phase , but the mother of adults in Switzerland saw a 42 dial ( only one dealer said to have ? Do not understand ) , insist that the old-fashioned, no choice but to compromise mom let the direct purchase of a piece of black faces ( this grade table in France than in Switzerland buy cheap Swiss fake breitling mother is a table in the final purchase in France ) .

Came back and found this black surface more stylish, more in line with the identity of my youth , the idea is considered appropriate accidentally purchased a piece of sheet bars satisfaction . At the same time there before I give jazz piece with a place to buy Hamilton , the latter will attach a diagram ~ buy a table , I began to study the plan . Love the table family found this site really caught them unable to extricate themselves . Simply hate , too many tables poisoning deep. Here I realized that this movement , ah, ah, and so something brand benefit. Watch the forum from the beginning I was ready to send a job , but unfortunately time various coordination is not open, there is no serious homework ah ( lazy ) . Until now , found some new content Replica Watches forum , sudden mood at night , be sure to give this forum to inject some fresh energy !

Then talk about the experience with the table ; sheet is bought in mid-March , and brought a half months now , every day, with an error if the hand , the feeling is about +4,5 s, but sometimes lying flat two days without feeling about one minute a child soon , does anyone have the same phenomenon , I’m confused . ( May also be a new table with just reason , a lot better recently error ) . Polishing of the case is very easy to scratch, I always start to protect it under my sleeve , who knows there are obvious scratches , do not know how come. Now almost small scratches slowly , looking down also harmonized. Strap bought back, a move to creak sound, now did this with a soft voice.
Having said all this nonsense , do not rush me ah I figure a hurry ! ! Part of some camera phone photos , the camera also done according to due to too much compression , the quality is not good, but please forgive me . Open box replica breitling link: